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Sharing a Brand Which Crosses Boundaries.

IO E TE, which translated means me and you, is a simple and persuasive little motto which can link both friends and lovers with jewellery. Given as a present, it has always got its own private and treasured little story. My jewellery which is made in Germany embraces more than just private love and personal commitment since the stones which I have chosen are all Fair Trade products. This means that all the raw materials are from conflict-free zones and have been mined without the use of child labour. The latest little gem from IO E TE: "Create your own ring" - design a personal ring and choose your own writing or symbol. Either without a stone, or with, choose between four different stone settings and six different types of stones. In silver, yellow or white gold.

Latest Collection


It gives me great pleasure to introduce the new IO E TE ring "Found you".

latest collection


If you don't want to order your personal ring on the IO E TE Website then IO E TE offers a special service:

You can make an appointment with me and I will meet you in person, present my collection, and give you advice about your ring and measure your ring size.

The stones are not produced using chemicals. The gold and silver are recycled by the "Allgemeinen Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG" in Pforzeheim, They recycle using optimal environmentaly friendly techniques. This is a certified procedure. More information can be found here: